Okay. I’m sick of the “alay” words !! Define what is the meaning of “alay”, f*cker !!

Emo, punk, rocker, and the other lifestyle, it’s exists in this world pal !!

So why there’s so many people make 2 category, between “alay” and “normal” in our country ??

Tell me, why can you feel that you are “normal”, not “alay” ?! Explain to me !!

I don’t think that everybody know what the meaning of them itself. What is the definition of emo? Take a look at this article.

More About Emo

Close enough to punk and rock Emo is now know for it’s more emotional state of mind. Instead of the anger hard-core way of expressing one-self , Emo (short for emotional) has taken a new tole on the twentith century of expressing yourself. From the music with strong emotion and feeling, unlike hard rock or this is more of an alternative way to let your feeling be known.Emo is not only a classification or a type of music it’s also taken over the way one expresses themself by dressing. It includes the tighter fiting pants to the dyed-black or dark hair with it covering your face. The longer hair in front with the spikes in the back is also a more Emo- or emotional look to dressing. Emo is also being known as for the hot emo guys and emo girls kissing. From pictures all on the web to the music videos. Hot emo girl to girl and well as hot emo guy to guy is becoming more and more adventurous and more open concluding; Emo meaning being comfortable with oneself. Its a more direct way of altering the feelings one has without words, just emotion.

Some say music is not a type of music. That it is more of a fashion and a way of feeling, hence the emotional. Just recently people have been considering emo to be a genre or music.. Taking back Sunday is one of the many bands people consider to be emo.

Wondering why everyone hates emo? Not all emo people are cry babies or sucidial. Many emo kids come from families which are having serious issues whether it being money issues, etc.
Viewers Voice

Emo,yes it is short for emotional. But,there is more to emo then hair and looks. Emo is a state of mind. Most people,made them selves appear emo. While in reality,they have to much hope to be emo. Emo is much like goth. But,goth is Darker. Emo is more emotional,harder to fake. Yes,some emos cut themselves,but there is more than that. Emo is one of the hardest things,to explain. People hate emos,b/c they view us as suicidal,cry babies,or just week. That’s NOT what emo is. Suicidal yes,at times. But,don’t judge me for being emo. It’s not what I chose to be. It’s just what I am.

Another says….

I think emo is just another label,but my definition of it will be for real.Personally,i used to cut,but I stopped.Take it from me.It’s hard to stop! I am bi,but I’m not afraid of it! People shouldn’t judge us for what we do and who we are.Emo is a music genre,but also a state of mind.If you’re emo,don’t be afraid of it.It’s just who you are!It’s perfectly normal to have a sensitive side,although I’m sassy sometimes.I’m really sensitive when 90% of the time.I love being who I am,though I get bullied alot.I don’t care.Well,in my opinion,emo is just how people describe over-sensitive people.I write tons of poetry,and I’m in middle school.I am not ashamed to say I like girls,ever since I was 9,I have liked girls.I can’t help how I feel! But over the summer,I’ve changed a bit.I’m not AS sensitive,but I still am.I don’t let people put me down.Emo is just about being sensitive and expressing how you feel about something.If you get suicidal thoughts,talk to someone,trust me!Don’t make the mistake I did.I am a lot better off without blades.

—————- http://www.emo-corner.com/what-is-emo/

And what is Alay? Here, take a look of it. I’ll translate it if I can. *sigh*

Ciri-Ciri Alay

Apabila kamu merasa begitu, ubah aja sikapmu supaya km ga di cap alay!!


i)      nulis kata disingkat, seperti “lagi apa?” gi pha?? atau bosen banget jadi “bsen bgd nh”

ii)     memakai simbol tambahan. “p@ k@bar L0e??” atau “~hha..~ y nh.. lg bosen~”

iii)    menggunakan huruf Z dibelakang kata. “mlz bgtz!” atau “gurunya malezin yh”

iv)    comment orang dengan minta balasan kaya “repp iah!” / “blz dum” / “reply dsini iiaaa”

v)     layoutnya yang super rame bahkan berfotmat gif (gerak) dengan warna ngejrenk pinkk fontnya yang anehlah


i)      aboutme panjaaaang banget dengan gambar dari myspace yang gajelas pake isi gr-gr an kaya “aq tuh…. cntik…. lucu…. punya cowo ganteng…” zzz dan sebagainyalah lo tau kan

ii)     penggantian kata! gue / gw / gua = w, lo / lu = lw / loe. dong = dumzz / dwunhh

iii)    foto serba diediiiiit abis apalagi yang editnya emo emo pake tulisan gothic gitu

iv)    mediabox dipenuhin dengan gambarrrrrr


i)      mamerin kebisaan dishotout, misalnya “eh w kan menang track motor lohh..” atau “eh w les nyetir dong..” dan yang lebih oon nya “eh w makin oke dan top ya tiap hari” (halah)

ii)     rusuhin comment foto. misalnya cuma dicomment “cantik deh/ganteng deh” balesnya “emg gw gnteng gtuu… y krna trlahir dh ganteng kli ya?? hha. dan kyanya……….blabalabla”

iii)    nickname digabung sama nama org yang disuka dengan cara gajelas. misalnya (kalo namanya sama maaf ya) “delita saiianks si luthuu..” atau “delita cinta dya” gitulah ya aezzz…

iv)    bikin album yang isinya artis favorit mereka. contoh “kangen band khuzuz loh!!” apalagi albumnya pake dikunci, yah capedeh!!


i)      barang abal yang dipamerin ketemen terus dia ngaku beli di singapore. amrik . dan sbgainya. “eh liat nih gue beli gelang dijerman gituloh asli kalo ga salah sih dirupiahin 500 ribu ya.” padahal dia beli di itc aja!! yang 10 ribu 5 hahaha.

ii)     tulisan gede-kecil. “aLoW kLiAnZ hArUz ADd GwE YaH!!” atau dengan angggka “K4Ng3nZ dWEcChh” NNNNNZZZZZ

iii)    minta di add di shotout, “j9n lupa ett ghw”

iv)    gaya dengan bibir monyong, telunjuk nempel bibir, gaya tangan dengan oke dipinggir kepala dan foto dari atas

v)     nge post bulbo cuma buat kasih tau dia lagi online & minta comment

—————- http://yudhim.blogspot.com/2008/11/ciri-ciri-alay.html

*oh shit, I’m too lazy to translate the meaning of alay. Sorry pal. Hahaha :p

I think you’ve understand now what is emo about. The point of emo is more about sensitive feeling about something than about dressing. Fashion, music, yes, they can be classified someone as an emo, but for me, the real emo is a people who can express something about their sensitive feeling, not only by their dressing style. I’m judging myself as an emo, although I don’t follow how emo’s dressing style. Okay, I follow their style a lil’bit, just a lil’bit. I’m happy with it, but why people despise me? Am I despise you guys? HELL NO !!

Blog about alay is too many. Like http://m-ridha.com/2009/06/penelusuran-tentang-alay/ http://iwanrizky.multiply.com/journal/item/18, and many more. But let see at what yudhim wrote. See what he wrote at his article? Alay is just about style, not about how they express their feeling. Okay, alay also can express their feeling, with “extra thing” everywhere to express their feeling. For example, alay usually write something like this : 0Wh, I m1Ss y0u t0o – HeLl0 9uYz, adD m3 h3R3 oK? , also, alay can be described as a people who dress like emo style, punk style, but didn’t realize that they aren’t fit with that style. Sometimes, I feel sick to see some alay when I hanging around. I don’t like them, but I don’t hate them. I didn’t support alay, but I respect to their confident. There’s a lot of people who didn’t dare to change their lifestyle. Then what? Alay is their lifestyle and they respect our ordinary lifestyle, but why you *alay hater* despise them? Don’t you guys have a mirror in your house?

I really don’t want to see a disunity in our country. Hey, do you guys still remember our country motto? Bhinekka Tunggal Ika. Berbeda-beda namun tetap satu jua. Different but still one purpose. So why we still have a difference between they’re alay and we’re not?