120% ? maybe you think I’m wrong, right? maybe in your mind, why it’s not 1000% ?

no no no..

120% because something good ever happen to me in 12.00AM..

then why it’s not 1200% ?

nope, thousand in this era means the bad economy of our country..

and I don’t hope to have life until I’m 1200th years old.. :-p lolz..

okay.. why am I happy 120% ? it’s private story, but because my wordpress is my private place, so I want to write it down here..

it begin with a message of “hahaha” from her.. silly, right? no rain, no thunder, but she texting me like that.. how weird she is.. hahaha.. but that’s why I love her (1st point).. she texting me because I don’t know the reason why, but it’s pointless, not like the others who texting me because want something from me only, not me at all.. however, they’re my best friend, so I know that they do that because of something emergency.. (maybe).. 😀

back.. back.. back..

okay, next.. I reply the “hahaha” message, and have a texting chit-chat with her a while.. until I want to end the conversation because I want to go to the bathroom.. err, I want to going alone in saturday night (or what I said in Indonesian by “autis di malam mingguan”), she asks me to have a saturday night with her.. lolz.. I never had a dream about this.. so, I’m going there without thinking about a thing, when she needs me, I’ll be there, that’s what I promise to myself.. 😀

my target is 30 minutes to arrive in her house.. but I’m a street racer, I arrive in 21 minutes.. you think I’m crazy? yup, only on road.. :-p I arrive there, and what I see is what I don’t want to see.. her aunt, her sister, her brother, her mother, her grandfather, all in one, there.. (dang.. if I know it before, I wouldn’t come.. I’m too shy.. >.<) chit-chat with her, then approximately at 6.00PM, we take off (lolz) from her house..

going around.. to my home, then to the tennis court, then we have no destination.. hahaha.. if I’m alone, that’s what I like, going around without destination, searching for night diamond.. hahaha.. but tonight, I’m not alone.. so, I must have destination, it’s a GIRL man !! if she’s a boy, I don’t really care actually, except he’s one of my besties.. 😀

at last, I choose to go to the new madtari place, because I have not ever go there.. hahaha.. and I don’t ever think about going there with her.. lolz.. “nobody know what’s their destiny”.. yup, I absolutely agree with that.. madtari, this place had been my silent witness of my spontaneous statement to her.. “kamu bukan siapa-siapa aku.. kamu uda jadi belahan jiwa ku..”

ow shit.. I never want to say it in front of her face.. and I did it in my 19th years old, then I closed my face because I think it’s embarrasing.. very embarrasing.. but she didn’t think it’s embarrasing, but she think that I’m great (hebat) because of my loyalty to love her, even she has a boyfriend, but I always support her, and blablabla..

I’m laughing in my heart.. loyalty? I don’t realize that.. what I realize is that I truly loving her since we’re in 3 SHS.. I don’t ever think because I love her, she must be my girlfriend.. love is not just a status for me.. hahaha.. love must have come, by F-T Island.. yup, I agree that, and I have my love.. not as a girlfriend, but as a  friend, and that’s not enough for me.. 🙂

I’m happy.. I know that she know my feeling to her since in SHS, but, is she pretend that she don’t know or what, I don’t know.. what do I know now is that she understand my feeling to her, at all.. err no, maybe at 90%, she knows my feeling to her.. lolz..

love is not just a status.. love is not just a word.. it is more than anything.. even they didn’t love you back, you don’t need to leave them just because you get rejected.. if your love is a real love, I know that you will not leave them, but support any good thing that they did..

good night pal.. 😀