humm.. this time is about girls who adding me in my facebook..
actually, they look cute for me, but not in my friend’s eyes..
okay, that’s not the problem..
the problem is, they use the fucking-hard-words-to-read..
the example is like this :

kMu cp4h?

*kamu siapa?  who are you?

u r4nk mn4 end skuL or kuL?

*kamu orang mana dan sekolah atau kuliah? where do you live and what’s your study – high school or college?

okay, they’re cute.. I love their face.. but the words.. hell, that’s make me confused..

however sometimes I can understand what they mean, but it took my whole brain to translate it into humanic words..

they called “alay” in Indonesia.. but I don’t judge people by “alay” or “not alay”, ‘coz people can understand what it mean actually, but they didn’t want to be called as “alay”, so they hide it..

what a loser..

okay, hope I can “fix” them to the right way..

*and to my way of love.. hahaha 😀