hell yeah..

I have deactivated my facebook account.. why? there’s no reason, not because of her, not because of him, not because of them.. it’s just as what I want.. lolz..

last night, 6 july 2010, I got dumped by the one who I loved so much.. at least, she told me what I’ve curious about.. now she make me sure that she just seeing me as her friend, that’s all, no more feeling than that “friend” word..

you know, it makes me crazy (not as crazy as when I’m in SHS, lolz).. all thing in my mind fused become one.. happy, sad, mad, everything become one in my mind..

happy because now I know the truth..

sad because now I know the truth..

mad because now I know the truth..

lolz.. I remember the fucking old words “sometimes, lies is better than the truth”..

but somehow, I feel more comfortable, 50% comfortable with this truth.. 50% for other feeling..

I deactivate my facebook account, maybe because I think it’s better to not know what’s her status, so I didn’t too curious about her.. I think this is wrong, because she’s not the only friend who I have on facebook, but I’ll come back as soon as I can..

ahh, kirey-chan will have her birthday tomorrow, that thing is better for me to think than thinking about my facebook for a while.. lolz..