as the title said, now I know what the meaning of number “143”..

I feel so idiot that I didn’t recognize it when I knowing that number.. hahaha.. 143 means I love you.. yup, I-love-you.. when my friend from told me that number, I felt so insane to know why 143 means I love you.. and today is almost 8 months since she told me that number and left from gaiaonline, make me left too.. lolz..

I don’t think my opinion is 100% right lolz, but I think it near to 100% right..

143.. in english, we could say that one-four-three.. I still don’t get it.. I’m trying to rotate it.. minus-dunno-double U.. I think I know something.. how if I combine it?

143.. I-four-double U..

yup, thats it.. that’s my opinion about number 143.. I for U, mean my body and my soul is only for you, a sentence that I ever saw from my cyber world’s friend which have a same meaning with I love you..

I felt so idiot but I felt happy too because I know the meaning of it after 8 months.. hahaha

well, I ever send a text that have “143” inside of the text, only to one girl.. hope I’ll send it to another girl who will text me “143” too.. hahaha

see ya.. 😀