every bad words that never came out from my mouth, its all out this morning..
it’s because the fucking beggar has stolen my laptop, my handphone and my dad’s..
I don’t mind if it’s gone..
I mind if all my data’s gone !!
besides my dad had received a call from his friend who offer a job for him..
and me too, had received a new number of my target..
also, all my designs and photos is on my laptop, all of it..
now, this morning, it’s all gone..

I swear that beggar will be dead tomorrow by pieces if he/she didn’t give it back to me..

beggar thinks that he/she need a lot of money for his/her life?
right, it’s must be whats on their mind..
but, aren’t they thinking of me too?
I’m designing to get money too !!

just a bunch of idiots who want money without working in the right way..
I hope they’ll meet hell tomorrow..

because of that fucking beggar, now I must contact my friends by activating my facebook again..
I’ll see her profile again..
I’ll see her post a romantic status for her boyfriend again..
fucking beggar !!