if you ask “what you’ve got from Manglayang mountain sen?”

I’ll answer “suffer, friendship, happiness, and whole Bandung”

you know, I’m scared of high place.. it’s like a phobia, i ever had it when I was in elementary school until now, but not as much as when I’m in elementary school.. (seems people will get more guts when they’re more mature.. but I’m not mature yet.. so?)

we started to walk from kiara payung, it’s like 600-700 mdpl as what Didin said to me.. (if I’m not forgotten.. sorry..) our destination is the peak of the Manglayang mountain, it’s like 1600 mdpl, so we need to walk like 24 km from Barubeureum..

for me, walk in the road, flat place, 5 km have to make me drink so much.. yesterday, 24 km is not flat, it’s uphill and offroad.. fuck it.. but the God is save us.. He gave us rain, so we didn’t feel too tired when we go up to the peak.. and when we’re arrive at the peak, the weird thing for me is, I don’t drink at all from the start to the finish.. weird eh? yea, very weird.. hahaha

at the peak, we make a tent which in Didin’s backpack and some in Yudi’s..the tent is small, all of we (6 people, 5 boy and 1 girl) can sit in the tent together, but when sleeping, it’s not enough for all 6 of us, but just 5, so Didin let himself sleeping outside of the tent.. (if I’m strong enough, I want changed place with you Din..) so the position is like this..

Z   F    S   Y   I

E   A   E   U   G

E   N   N   D  U

__N   A   I    N







Funny, the words of our name is just like our tall size.. hahaha..

So, that’s our position when we’re sleeping that night, which Zee  face to the right side and the boy is facing to the left side.. respect the girl pal !

The view, it’s just AWESOME !!

Not just awesome but, it’s more !! I can’t tell it by only words.. you must see it by yourself.. the light of the city.. the fog.. the sky.. the wind.. the air.. you must feel it by yourself.. trust me, you won’t feel tired after seeing it.. 😀

We didn’t left the night by just sleeping.. we hold a forum, named “forum tenda” which what have we said in the forum must not be discovered by other people out of the forum.. funny, we know each other better than before.. that’s why I’ll answer I’ve got friendship from the peak.. lolz..

The food is.. simple.. yea., very simple.. just noodles, scrambled egg (without oil.. hahaha), rice, tofu, tempe.. chocolate, biscuits.. coffee, milk, and mineral water.. well, Didin said that noodles is the most luxury food when we’re hiking.. I recognize it.. without it, we’ll only eat rice with tofu and tempe.. very.. ahh, I just don’t like it.. lucky that Igun take noodles.. hahaha (for your information, this is not my first hiking, it’s second.. my first is when I’m still a scout boy in junior high school.. long time ago, so I didn’t remember what I need to take to the mountain.. lucky that Didin, Yudi, and Igun is a real climber (pendaki).. if not, we’ll dead for sure..

Morning at the peak is very cold.. I need to use double jacket because I didn’t use my shirt.. it’s so wet because the first rain when we go up.. but the view is awesome.. like what I have said, I can’t tell it by words, you must see it by your eyes self pal.. hahaa

Journey to go downhill is faster than when we go uphill.. I’m slipped twice because the footing is so slick.. lucky I take the stick from the peak, so I still have life till now that I can type and posting this wordpress..

See ya.. 😀