Löschen sie, means deleting her..
yup, I’ve delete her from my “always see-able friends” in my facebook..
it’s just, she turned like she doesn’t know me, like I’m a stranger for her..
it’s sucks, really sucks..
however, I still can’t delete her from my mind..
maybe this way is my way..
in the future, I know that there’ll be someone who can change her place in my heart..
always be positive thinking and optimistic pal !! 😀

but, if I need to remember who is she, I’ll just click on this link..
yeah, I’m not deleted her at all, just forget a little thing about her..
she’s still my friend, how can I delete my friend from my mind?
an idiot ones will do it..
*no, I’m not an idiot*

I hope another love will come..