hell yea..

I’ve got a new girlfriend in 10.10.10, when we start texting from 10.10pm until I confess my feeling for her at 11.30pm..

funny, I though I won’t have a girlfriend until my next birthday, but alhamdulillah, I got it..

thank goodness, what I wish is granted by HIM..

actually, she’s not my type (in the photo, we haven’t meet in the real world) and not in the same religion as mine.. ==”

but I think, it’s a problem in another time, not this time, so I choose to be his boyfriend.. there’s no force, it’s pure from my heart, coz I know that I love her eventhough just a little, it’ll be big as the time flow.. 😀

I confess my feeling (and her feeling) in 10.10.10, but we officially have in a relationship in FB is today, 12.10.10..

many question from me and her that need to be answered, but at least, it fulfill what we curious about..

the funny thing that never in my mind is, she want me to express my love to her in 10 words.. (luckily I know that 10 words.. :D)

  • ich liebe dich
  • aishiteru
  • daisuki
  • wo ai ni
  • te amo
  • mahal kita
  • ana baħibbik
  • i love you
  • abdi resep ka anjeun
  • aku cinta kamu

actually, I know more than that, but I forgot.. *sigh*

so, this is my most weird love confession that I ever did.. from she, who the first get close to me.. *actually, I never be the one who first to be close with my GFs.. maybe it’s a gift from God? whatever, thanks God.. 🙂

until she gimme too many clue that she’s love me.. and I the one who must confess the feeling.. ==”

but, thanks wi, I love you too.. 😉