yup yup yup
that’s what in my mind about my girl..
“is she mature enough now?”
why I wondering like that?
because just now, this morning, her sister told her thingy about love..
and the lovely thing that I want to hear from a long time ago is..
“klo beneran sayang, kmu harus bisa sayang ama dia sepenuhnya, juga masa lalu dia, dan menjaga masa depan yang akan dibina”
hell !!
it should be a long time ago you told her sist.. >.<

why not me?
because I know that she’s still a little girl, so she won’t hear me although I’m her boyfriend..
but, if she isn’t a little girl like before, I wouldn’t love her.. ==”
my girl type actually is a mature girl, not the body, but her thought..
and let’s see, is she can be my type or not, just she who can told me.. 😀

1 question maybe..
“if she didn’t get matured as what you want, do you still love her?”
of course lolz..
I love her the way she is..

this is just about, will she be my type or not..
not about, will she be my love or not.. :p

well, it’s just like that..
love you hun..
— Sri Dewi Anggraini