sebenerny aku gtw mw nulis apaan..
but I want to.. ==”
well, maybe writing about what I thinking now is nice too..

I love her !!
fuck !!
I’ll make her doomed if she loves me too..
but she said that she’s loving me alot, much more than I do.. T-T
what should I do to make her not loving me too much?
I didnt want her to be doomed because of me.. 😥
*actually, she and I will..

I dont care about myself btw..
what I care is, I dont want that she’s doomed by me..
if just she’s a moslem like what I am, I wouldnt have this though..
I just can hope that..

  • she didnt love me alot, or..
  • we’re broke up ASAP, or..
  • she’s being a mu’alaf..

I’m crazy about her now..
shit !!