Angel, do you remember me?

ahh, yea, its me.. Sena..

2 years ago, we always chatting, remember? you who always laugh at anything that I said, you who told me about how to living my life, you who always gimme spirit..

different religion, but you always told me to pray..

you love modelling right? but the most is skate, rollerblade, hell, are you a girl or a boy? hahaha

we try to speak in malay and indo.. funny, I don’t understand what you mean but you understand what I mean.. hahaha

you always show me your happy face.. crying because the boy that you love is never talk to you again.. sad because you friend is got an accident..

emo, you told me that you are..

and your pap is a hunter, well, its surprised me.. very very much.. hahaha

and your brother who loved you so much, so that he protect you from your friends.. I remember that..

but you never tell me that you have a heart failure !! your brother did !! why you never told me about that?! don’t you think I’m your friend?!!

and when I know it all, you’d gone..

2 weeks before you gone, you give your number to me.. its still saved in my phone, as a reminders that you ever exists, well, you know that I’m so forgetful.. it can’t helped till now if you want to know.. ==”

your number, we’d texting day-to-day since you give it, but when I try to call you, you’ve been a sleeping beauty..

I just missing you so much.. you told me that Sena is only one, and you too.. there’s no more Angel who like you.. I miss you so bad..

I lost your facebook now, and your brother is never exists in facebook anymore.. but I won’t loose you from my heart pal..

your last photo in my laptop.. goodbye angel.. :’)

may you rest in peace.. amin..