I’m so sad because of ichigo 100%, ahh yes, it’s a manga by Kawashita Mizuki..
if I can cry, I’d cried long this night..
this story seems taken by a real experience..
because it’s just like my love story..
then, if I try to take manaka’s place as mine, then everything is something weird, (yes, somehow) I feel the same with my life..

the short haired tsukasa nishino, I put her as rizka junita radiani..
the beautiful aya toujou, I put her as selly saniati lestari..
the agressive satsuki kitaooji , it suits to sri dewi anggraini as well..
I feel like so old then remembering all of them, my time with them..

but I realize, that manga and I are different..
“tsukasa” had someone with her.. boyfriend, from her middle school that break out and going out again 2 years ago from this 2011.. somehow, I’d changed my love to her since I’m going out with dewi as something different, and we’re now a soulmate (for my side), not a lover, not a sibling, not a friend nor a best friend..
“aya” told me a quote, “why remembering the old love when a new story is in front of us”.. recently, that makes me realize that I always going forward with “the old love” in my hands.. even I have a new love, but that old piece of love is somewhere in my heart, I can’t throw it up.. what should I do now is searching for a new love (without throw the old love, I can’t) that can fulfil my heart, more than that old love..
“satsuki”, the one who loved me so much, someone who always tease me, but in the end, I can’t make out with her.. belief – is what I really want from a relationship, and she can’t give me that, make me broken heart.. actually, I didn’t care about that, but it seems that I only can be friend with her.. well, she can’t, and she’s dissapeared from me.. maybe it’s best for her, besides I don’t want her to be hurt by me much longer..

I’m really an idiot..
what have I do is wasteing my youth with it all..

but no, that’s not a waste..
they give me new experiences..
about loving each other, caring them, laugh, cry, smile, etc..

I don’t want to left my youthness with nothing..
by ichigo 100%, I realize..
what can I do is smiling through forward and see the new stage..

even you guys forget me, erase me, I will never forget my feeling to all of you.. 🙂