Kino no Tabi or in english, Kino’s journey, is an anime about a traveler. here, I want to share what’s the point I’ve got on every chapter given. 🙂

chapter 1

“you can’t tell what I’m thinking?” | “not at all” | “it’s just as I thought.” “I can’t tell what you’re thinking, either.”

people doesn’t need truth every time, they need lied too.

chapter 2

“if I didn’t help them out, then one rabbit wouldn’t have died today.” … “I still decided to help out one rather than the other.” | “is that because they’re your fellow humans?” | “just because they’re humans like me, it doesn’t mean  I’m obligated to help them”

every good things aren’t always turned into good things too, be prepared.

chapter 3

“we NO the future”

“excuse me, what about the room fee?” | “there’s no need for that. with the world ending soon, money is useless.”

“nobody knows how the world began, so no one can say for certain that it’s impossible for the world to end. suddenly and without reason in a couple of seconds.”


“… their tradition is to create a “tradition” for visiting travelers …”

“… that country has denied all of their old traditions. but then, somewhere along the way, they realized that they had no tradition they could boast of compared to other countries.”

“but they already have a magnificent tradition, don’t they?” | “yes, they do, but they have not yet realized that.” “no, in fact, once they do realize it, this tradition may very well end.”


“the poet did not know what to do.” “for him, words were things that flowed naturally from the depths of his heart, and being someone unfamiliar with sorrow, it was impossible for him to write words of sorrow.”


“hey, kino?” “which do you think it is?” | “what?” | “was the prophecy right or wrong?” | “I’m not sure..” “why don’t we ask the stars or something?”

sometimes, you don’t need to know something to do something.

chapter 4

“though I did not know the place, I set out for the land of my dreams. having arrived at the land of my dreams, I found I did not know the place.” “wherever I go, there I am.”

“if I had to say, I guess my job is traveling.” | “traveling?” “is there anything bad about that?” | “some things, but the fun parts overwhelmingly outweigh the bad.” | “then that’s not a real job.” | “oh, really?” | “job aren’t supposed to be fun, right?” “we have to do them to live, right?” “then traveling isn’t work.”

“so, then, are you an adult?” | “according to your definition of an adult, I don’t think I am at all.” | “then, are you a child?” | “no, according to your definition of a child, I don’t think I’m that either.” | “so what in the world are you, kino?” | “I’m just kino.”

(a song with Canon in D tone) “your eyes are a mirror in which I can see the world’s reflection.. without ever forgetting your kindness.. even if my heart is full of sad words.. I will still stare long and hard at the stars..”

“why did you become a traveler, kino?” | “whenever people see birds flying through the sky, it’s said that they get the urge to go on a journey.”

“well, I AM a traveler.” “just a man who passes through.” “so, I must not become carelessly involved in the customs of the land.”

“I’ll give him balance, he’ll give me speed.” “the pact..”

life is, doing something that you like.. you are you, whatever people think of you.. which one will you choose, “a must” or “a desire”?

chapter 5

“did you remove the grass and polish this rail all by yourself?” | “yeah, it’s my job.” … “they haven’t told me to stop yet, so I just keep working.”

“but wasn’t it that people in this country didn’t have to work?” | “that’s true, we don’t have to.” | “then, what are you working for?” | “so we can have stress.”

“humans mustn’t always have it easy.” “if humans go through life everyday without any hardships, they’ll slack off and become lazy.” “we need something in life to keep us from becoming lazy, and that’s work!”

“wow, to think that they keep working that meaningless job.. those people must be crazy.”

“how much longer do you plan on continuing this work?” | “until someone from the company tells me to stop. Either that, or until this railroad ends.”

“hey traveler!” “where are you headed to?”

“you haven’t been back to your home country?” | “yeah, I’ve got five younger brothers, you see.” “I’m working to keep them fed, so I can’t take any time off.” | “I see.”

“are you doing this all by yourself?” | “oh, it’s really no big deal once you get used to it.”


“we’d had enough of one person in power calling all the shots.” “we would listen to every citizen’s ideas, and go with what the majority of the people voted.” “we believed that to be the most correct and fair way to run things.”

“it takes a lot time to decide anything when everything is determined by vote.” “so, some suggested that we elect a leader, and give him a certain amount of discretionary power!” “nothing could be more dangerous!” “who would stop the elected guy if he started running wild?!”

“what caused you to hang your mind?” | “for the time being, let’s go check it out.” “if we realize we’ve made a  mistake, we just retrace our steps.”

You need to have a stress to understand what relax is, you need to be habitual when you think something is hard, you need to work to keep you alive. If something goes wrong, back to the start.

Chapter 6

“I’ll participate.” “please lead the way.”| “hey, no, little boy, I wouldn’t if I were you.” “if you become a slave, at least you’ll have your life.” “work that’s harder than death will be waiting for you though.”

“I have two questions I’d like to ask before the fight.” “my first one is, what brought you to this country?” “here’s the second one. Won’t you surrender?”

“I assume you’ll surrender now?” | “I refuse.” | “you have no chance to win anymore.” | “kill me!” | “what did you say?” | “kill me.” … “in a life or death battle, the winner survives and the loser dies.” “I’ve survived like that for a long time by killing hundreds of people.” “the reason I came here is because I thought I might find someone stronger than I am.” “and you won against me, Missy.” “so you’ll kill me and I’ll die.” “that’s how it should end.” | … “then I have no choice.”

Be alive to fight. Fight your life until you can’t fight anymore, don’t surrender.

Chapter 7

“you must think I have gone mad.” “you are exactly right.” “it is only natural that the country and I should go mad from continually doing this sort of thing.” “we will eventually meet our ruin.” | “then why do you continue?” | “because it is fun!”

“excuse me.. why did you participate in the fights?” | “me?” “I was just bored with life and with the world.” “I want the excitement of life and death.”

“revenge doesn’t do any good.”

Do nothing and everything will be boring, do something to make things exciting.

Chapter 8

“I heard that old man went to study abroad when he was young and when he came back, he couldn’t talk to anybody here anymore.” “in this country, “something useful” means skill or knowledge that increases crop yields.” “I imagine what the old man learned abroad was not very useful.”

“if I succeed, it will become your achievement too!” (for the government)

“I didn’t think the machine would really fly.” | “what did you just say, kino-san?” | “I said I didn’t think a human could fly.”

“there’s nothing impossible.” Any skill will be useful if you doing it right, and will be succeed if you believe you’ll succeed.

Chapter 9

“is there something dangerous there?” | “huh?” “no, there isn’t.” “there isn’t, but..” “I just couldn’t stand that place.”

“what if this world is actually inside a book and you and that motorrad are both characters in the book?” | “excuse me?” | “suppose there is a book about a traveler journeying on a motorrad.” “while reading it, many come to believe that they are the traveler.” “you may be one such reader.”

“in this world there are books that have radical descriptions or dangerous thoughts.” “some people are affected by that and commit brutal crimes.” | “but it doesn’t mean the books are bad.” “isn’t the problem is the person who reads and interprets the books?” | “that’s not all.” “some become so involved in the books, they can no longer distinguish between reality and fantasy with characters in the books and ruined themselves.”

“it’s dangerous to get drawn into fantasy, traveler.” “no matter how fun it might be, it is not real.”

“that means your role has been decided.” | “my role?” | “yes.” “just as I wrote in my book.” “in other words, this world is in the book I wrote, traveler.”

“life.. it begins when you first make distinction between yourself and others.” “from that moment on, the world becomes a stage for the story in which you are the main character.” “all people live in a fantasy in which they are the main character.” | “I see.” | “but the world doesn’t recognize you as the main character at all.” … “everyone lives their entire life tormented by this confusion!” “there’s only one way out of this hell.” | “to place yourself in a position that is neither the main character nor a supporting role.” “in other words..” | “yes.” “the ‘author’”

“so, how do you like the book written about everything of the world?” | “I can’t say it was very interesting.” | “it’s because you lack imagination, kino.” “if it was the author, he would say, “everything I think of can be written there.” that’s truly everything of the world.” | “of course, it’s all blank writing papers.”

Yes, there is an author called God. God gave you a blank book since you were born, but had write an end for you. So, you’re not a character from anyone’s book. Create a story with no end for yourself, because the end has written.

Chapter 10

“we’ll leave now.” | “if you leave, what we should we do after that?” | “I don’t know, either.” “that’s something for you to decide for yourselves.” | “we were made to do something for humans.” “if we don’t do anything for humans, there’s no reason for us to exist.”

“isn’t it hard for humans if they don’t stay with someone and live for someone?” | “it depends on the person.”

Who do you live for? For yourself or..?

Chapter 11

“I used to have a dragon in my heart back then.” “and I wasn’t able to tame it.” “because of that, I hurt myself and others around me.”

“does she have a particular destination?” | “I don’t know how far she’ll be going.” “I intend to follow her to the ends of the world.” “but this is not my journey, it is hers.” “and I think of that as the journey of my life.”

“what do you want to know?” | “what should I be most careful of during a journey?” | “that’s easy.” “it’s the same as when you’re living an ordinary life in your country.” “not to lose your life.”

“kino-san, you could’ve stopped me if you wanted to.” “why didn’t you?” | “because I’m not God.” “that’s all.”

… “he sympathized with my ideal against violence.” … | “are you going to keep traveling even knowing that?” (they have no weapon) | “someone needs to preach the ideal!” “even if we cannot make it happen right away, the little seeds I have sown may sprout and come close to the ideal.” “even if it is many years after I die.”

“this is a secret she doesn’t know, but I’m the one who killed the killer.” “because he tried to kill her, fearing that she would seek revenge.” | “you love her, don’t you?” | “yeah, I would fight the whole world for her.”


“the reason I am called “wise man” is because I am a man with no material greed nor fondness of rank or fame.” “but that is not because I found enlightenment and abandoned my desires as people think.” | “what do you mean by that?” | “I never had reason for desire to start with.”

“erase self-consciousness?” | “what is the root of all desire that leads to crimes apart from physical desires?” “their answer was “self-consciousness”.” “everybody has a monster called “self-consciousness” in them.” “if you kill someone, you will feel that you are stronger. Or you want to kill people who insulted you. You have these feelings because of too much “self-consciousness.”

“as I wandered through many countries, people started revering me as “wise man” because I lived a simple life without wishing for anything in return.”

“what would you answer to that?” | … “I would say,  “there is no such thing.”” | “why?” | “how blue the sky is often changes depending on the place, time, season, and weather. And every of them was beautiful.” “I can’t tell you which one is the real blue sky among the skies I’ve seen.” “there is no such thing.” “that’s what I think.”

“I felt none of this yesterday..” “I had nothing to do with such pain or sadness.” “what was my life for?” “what did I live for?”

“your journey isn’t all that different from that wise man’s.” | “do you think so?” | “no purpose or plan.” | “hahaha. you may be right.” “but there’s one aspect that’s decisively different from theirs.” | “what?” | “I’m trying to live my life consciously.”

Do you know what are you live for? What are you doing? Why are you here? Being unconscious may let you have no problem at all, but it is useless.

Chapter 12

“why do you continue the journey, kino?” “even though you encounter things like this..” | “there’s no real reason.” | “no real reason?” | “sometimes I feel that I may be a hopelessly stupid and narrow-minded person.” “that maybe I’m a terribly dirty human being.” “I don’t know why, but I feel that way sometimes.” “but at times like that, I always feel the whole world is beautiful and realize how much I love it.” “so, even when something like this happens, I still want to continue to the next encounter and to the next discovery.”

“is that your so-called war?” “to me, it looked like nothing more than the massacre or execution of the Tatatans.” | “but that is our version of war.”

“nothing would change, if I only insisted on stopping the war.” “humans naturally possess competitiveness, hostility, and cruelty, so there needed to be a way that they could vent these feelings effectively.”

“may I ask you a question?” | “yes, you may.” | “what happens to the Tatatans who are killed?” “I believe they also have their lives and families.” | … “the number of casualties among the Tatatans is so little that it is incomparable to the number of victims in the war of the past.”

“sacrifices must be made for peace, kino.” “and that sacrifice absolutely cannot be our children.”

“in this case, it is you, who just happened to pass this way.” “we must torture and kill anyone we can to satisfy our desire for revenge, even if it is only a little.” | “I understand how you feel, but I do not want to die.”

Peace made by sacrifice/s, but don’t sacrifice yourself if it nonsense for yourself. Don’t sacrifice the innocent because they’re no included into your peace. Sacrifice the useless things/side of yours, to hurt others (the innocent) for your own peace is not a peace.

Chapter 13

“do you have hard times while you’re traveling?” | “I do. Once in a while.” | “do you want to quit journeying?” | “no.” “I think I’ll still continue, even then.” | “is that because you think this is what you should do?” | “because I think this is what I want to do.”


“kino!” “what are you going to do now?” | “no idea.” “what shall we do?” “ shall I keep thinking about what to do?”

When you think you’re bad, change your attitude as soon as you realize before it’s too late. So, people will remember about you even they can’t see you anymore. Do what you desire.

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